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Colloque 2020:
Du sens à l'identité

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INTER-TEXTUAL poses as a journal that celebrates exchange, creativity, and production, just like the weights for weighing gold of which it is a symbol. The weights for weighing gold which are among Africa’s economic and cultural heritage are also evocative of the dynamism characterizing Ivory Coast and her openness to the world. In reproducing these signs, the journal INTER-TEXTUAL means to give a representation of Africa, which is certainly weaker than other continents, but is well worth her weight in gold. On the one hand, the objective is to promote the inter-spatial ambitions of the journal, including the geographical university spaces, as well as the disciplinary spaces linked with science and research. On the other hand, like the weights for weighing gold, INTER-TEXTUAL is a journal with the preeminence of discourse, not the one of the master standing in front of his disciples, but rather the discourse of the scholar, the thinker, and the creator praising debates in all circumstances.

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